A Bamis content-managed system website gives you ease of use and a unique design!

Content-managed websites

Static websites are usually considered to be the electronic equivalent of a 'brochure'.

That's fine, but your business changes as your products or services develop so need to quickly reflect these changes on your website - ideally - without the expense of having your web pages manually changed by a web designer or developer.

There are free CMS systems out there - WordPress for one - which gives you all the functionality that you need, plus a lot more that you will never use! Learning how to use a complex CMS system takes time.  If you don't use it very often, you have to re-learn it when you go back to it!  Also, unless you settle for a free template, there will be a design cost involved in the initial set-up of your site.

A Bamis CMS system will be built around a bespoke 'look'. It will also incorporate our CMS system.  Guaranteed ease of use, plus a unique design!

This website uses Bamis CMS.  We can change it at will and add new modules to it whenever we want to move in a new direction.  New modules for WordPress can be a nightmare, especially when the base system is updated.

Please send us an enquiry via our contact us form stating the kind of design you are looking for, colour scheme, etc, and we will send you a no-obligation quotation for an easy to use, unique designed Bamis CMS system.

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