Bespoke business workflow systems

Business Workflow Management Systems

A Bamis workflow management system  will give you ability to organise your business processes effectively and from any location having Internet access.  Some of our clients actually monitor and run their businesses from their smart phones or tablet PCs!

Even businesses which do not utilise the web for direct selling can have their business processes managed online, whether it is stock control, staff rotas, bookkeeping, HR related management, stock control, etc, etc, a Bamis system can simplify and rationalise your business or general management processes.

Many businesses start out using spreadsheets and independent MS Access databases to keep track of things. However, they soon see the limitation of stand-alone systems which do not integrate easily together.

A Bamis workflow system can be designed and built around the way your organisation wants to work, tracking your existing methods and processes using a central system.  In other words, you do not have to work around the way a piece of software dictates. You tell us what you want and we develop it accordingly.

Sounds expensive! No, we use open source technologies to develop our products.  There are no expensive licence fees to make billionaires richer simply for using something you have already paid for!. Our systems are built to an agreed price, to an agreed specification.  There are no on-going costs (except for your web-hosting fees, domain name renewal, etc).

If you would like to know more about how a Bamis Workflow Management and Information System could benefit your organisation, please complete our online enquiry form.  We will happily offer free advice about the possibilities available.

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