Frequently Asked Questions...


Q1. What are the benefits of having a content- managed website?

A1. The benefits include:

  • having complete control of the content of your web pages (including images)
  • no on-going costs associated with requesting a web developer to amend the static content of your site
  • no time-delays - instant changes possible

Q2. Are websites that manage business processes expensive?

A2. No, in comparison with the cost of proprietary software with their upgrades and licence fess, our web-solutions are (depending on complexity) very competitively priced. Our systems make you organisation more effective, providing savings both in time and staffing costs.

Q3. Can you give me an example of what a Bamis system is capable of doing?

A3. One of our clients is a therapist who has a treatment room which has spare capacity.  We have built a simple room booking system which enables her visiting therapists to book the room for short periods (i.e. one or two hours) across a number of weeks if required.  They pay online via PayPal and the booking instantly flags the room as booked for the period(s) selected. Our client can download a spreadsheet for any period (i.e. daily, monthly, weekly, yearly) for record keeping/accountancy use. Our client specified that she wanted to 'approve' all registrations of visiting therapists rather uses a simple email sign-up which verifies the email address only.  This facility was supplied as part of our solution.

Q4. Why do you offer remote security services as an add-on to a website?

A4. Again, in response to a client request we built a system which gave them the opportunity to remotely observe movement on their premisses and to clearly identify the registration details of vehicles entering their site for evidence purposes. CCTV on its own isn't capable of producing clear images on moving registration plates, whereas ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) is specifically designed for this purpose. Combining the two gives overview information together with clear evidence of vehicle flow through a site.

Q5. How flexible can your systems be?

A5. We look at each scenario to determine the best solution on a 'one-off' basis. As an example, we have recently built a car park management system which uses ANPR to recognise incoming vehicles.  The system times the length of stay of each vehicle and presents this information to a kiosk operator when the vehicle leaves the cark park.  Our system works out the cost (which could be day multiples as well as short stay), it records the payment allowing the vehicle to leave the site.  Our client has now asked us to build a space pre-booking system to work in conjunction with the original module.  This combined system will mean that clients who pre-book will be allowed instant access to the car park when their vehicle registration is read by the ANPR system.

Q6. You sell CCTV/ANPR and special order cameras.  Are they different to other suppliers?

A6. Our experience has given us a unique insight into what makes a good camera in a given situation.  The range that we offer includes cameras that are not available elsewhere because we have modified them ourselves to improve them or give them a better range.  Our 'special order' service enables us to provide this service to organisations who need something out of the ordinary but who do not have the time or facilities to modify cameras themselves.

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