Monitor the security of your organisation using a Bamis CCTV/ANPR system

Security Issues?

As an iCatcher Approved Business Partner we are able to offer organisations a fully featured CCTV/ANPR system either as a stand-alone web-based system, or as an adjunct to your existing website.

The two systems:

  1. CCTV (closed circuit television)
  2. ANPR (automatic number plate recognition)

Can be offered separately depending on your requirements.

Why do we offer CCTV and ANPR together? We believe that a combined system offers both monitoring and evidence gathering facilities in a single package.  CCTV provides the overview, ANPR provides evidence (if vehicles are involved in a incident).

As with our other services, there are many uses of our systems.  Please complete our enquiry form if you have a particular security requirement that you would like to discuss.  We would be happy help.

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