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About Bamis

Bamis Ltd was formed in 2008, originally with the aim to develop'Business Administration and Management Information Systems' for small and medium sized organisations.

Whilst this remains a key part of our business model, we have broadened our offer to include peripheral services which can integrate into a web-environment. Security being a typical add-on requirement, we are now able to incorporate this into our systems, or provide them on as a separate entity.

Cost is a major factor which influences most businesses' decisions. We recognise this, and build our systems using open-source technologies wherever possible. This greatly reduces both the initial cost and largely reduces any on-going licence issues (unlike the major providers!).

We are happy to offer advice if you are thinking of moving your business into a different phase of it's development. One which you can monitor performance, effectiveness, costs, and security from a single web-based source.

Please use our contact us form to explore the possibilities of a Bamis System. A free, confidential enquiry could be the start of a new exciting future!

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