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Need a website? Here is what to look out for.

It's easy to make wrong choices if you have a business or interest to promote via a website

Our eleaflet will (hopefully!) help you make more right than wrong decisions

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Bamis 'Special Order' service

The Bamis 'Special Order' will launch soon, enabling us to provide you with an equipment customisation service.  If you would like to be notified when the system becomes available, be complete our enquiry form.

ANPR and CCTV in Plymouth

September 2012

We have recently built and installed a system, on behalf of a parking control company, which provides CCTV coverage of the site car park and the entrance lobby of the site's main building.

Agents required

We are looking for agents, to work on a commission only basis, to find and secure clients for:

  • Content-managed website commissions
  • Business management commissions
  • Car park management commissions

Agents will earn 10% commission on all completed sales.

To apply, in the first instance, please complete our enquiry form stating that you are interested in discussing operating as a freelance agent. 

Building Insurance Claims Management

Completed last year, our building insurance claim management system has proven to be a great success, enabling our commissioning client to effectively manage a large portfolio of leads.

Bamis can help you too. Contact us to discuss any business idea you may have and we will develop a web-based management system to put your idea into practice.

Wheel clamping on private land is now illegal. What next?

If your private land site suffers from unauthorised parking and you are looking for a parking management company to deal with the problem, one of our clients will be able help. Please follow this link for contact details

Security Matters

We build systems which will enable you to monitor activities on your site via a smartphone application.

Please contact us for a competitive quotation

Search engine optimisation - don't be fooled!

Good search engine optimisation can be achieved very easily using a Bamis CMS system.  Our content management system enable you to manage your own web page information at the same time as your web content.

Don't be tricked into thinking there is any more to SEO that good content combined with a few other basics, and a few backlinks.

If you are up against the giants it will not be possible to match their rankings, so think small - think niche and you will get somewhere!

If your product is unusual, on the other hand, you should be looking at page 1 of Google without too much difficulty.

WordPress and others offer good SEO capability for free, but you will be stuck with a not too nice template design and a complex administration area. A Bamis CMS on the other hand gives you a unique web presence with an easy to use content-management system.

Using open-source solutions - are they the answer?

Open source solutions (i.e web applications which are free and utilise open-source software like PHP and MySQL) are written by groups of people rather than a small team.

The resulting product is generally an excellent, full-featured application which is capable of offering far more than even the most demanding client is ever likely to require.

If you have time to master (and retain) the knowledge required to run say an open-source shopping cart (like Zen Cart) you will probably have a strong background in IT.  If you don't fall into this category, you will probably:

  • struggle
  • not be happy with the look of the basic application
  • have to resort to paying a 'professional' to set-up and use the system

Paying someone to change a free application seems a bit of a contradiction.  Once it's set up the way you want it to look, you still have to master the application's administration area - or again pay someone to maintain it for you. Contradiction number 2! 

Given that 'free' might be expensive in the long run, it makes more sense to invest in a low cost Bamis CMS system which will give you the look and colour scheme you want, combined with an easy to use content management system which will never cause you to lose sleep!

'Free' means a learning curve, errors, being a victim of regular application updates, and possibly the expensive services of an 'expert' (definition: someone who lives more than 20 miles away!).

Make the right decision and you will get the product you want and not have to adapt your ways of working to suit an 'off-the-shelf' application.

Online learning - one of our systems explained

Online learning is something that was the 'answer' to all problems a few years ago, but despite this it doesn't seem to have changed the world!

Open learning really scores when it is used as a means of offering 'micro learning' rather than full-blow courses.

Take the care industry as an example.  Care workers need training for both their benefit and that of their clients, but a degree with a wonderful name won't do much for anyone receiving care from a poorly trained care worker.

What's needed is training (ideally, easily via the web) which will provide the step-by-step requirements of a particular care-related activity - like for example manual handling.

Bamis has produced an online learning system which makes an ideal framework for this type of learning.  The training can be accessed at any time and can be kept up-to-date very easily.  It lends itself to assessment of underpinning knowledge via online testing as well.

If you would like more information about the Bamis online learning system, please complete the enquiry form on our contact us web page.

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